Top 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Austin, Texas [Updated For 2021]

austin traffic

Are you looking for reasons not to move to Austin, Texas?

If so, you have come to the right place.

The name alone, Austin currently summons a distinctive picture in the minds of most Americans, one of fun in daylight, playing music and tree-lined swimming openings, tech development and a flourishing workmanship scene, modest lodging and all the morning meal tacos one can eat.

For as long as couple of years, the capital city of Texas has become a popular objective for the youthful, with an expected 300 individuals daily moving in.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of other, more negative interesting points you should know about before taking your jump to Austin, Texas.


#1. The Austin Traffic

austin traffic

Traffic will bottleneck any time of the day when an enormous number of vehicles need to change their relative position, like the morning, the evening, dinner times, last call, ends of the week, and occasions.

Also the additional extraordinary occasions that accompany living in a particularly dynamic and midway found city, like long distance races, shows, state level competitions, and the exceedingly significant celebration season, which endures from generally March to October.

Simply, this traffic isn’t clearing up at any point in the near future as it is an affliction or source of demise that occupants can’t fix themselves.

In case you’re moving to Austin for work, you should try to discover some place to live near your working environment as you can for a more limited drive.

Else, you’re testing your patience and perhaps triple the ordinary travel time.

Truth be told, Austin’s traffic has been contrasted with other large urban communities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.


#2. The Texas Heat

texas heat

The steady openness to high warmth and stickiness implies that cooling is important for those who consider living in Austin, regardless of whether you’re at home or driving.

In case you’re not a fan of warm climate, you’ll need time to adjust.

You can generally invigorate by visiting the films, dunking in the cool springs, or leasing a boat and investigating the nearby lakes.

Once in a while, however the ruthless warmth of an overhead Central Texas sun from June to August is beyond what a many individuals can bear.

Numerous individuals spend the mid-year avoiding their homes and vehicles to find activities to cool down their bodies.

Fortunately, residents of Austin have a lot of water around them which is at most an advantage.


#3. The Austin Crowds

texas crowds

Austin is loaded with wonderful stuff: Zilker Park, Barton Springs, SXSW, Esther’s Follies, huge loads of lovely cafés and bars serving delicious food and beverages, with new things opening up constantly.

It is additionally brimming with individuals who all need to be at these places and businesses as well.

Therefore; you’ll need to carefully plan your timing and driving in case you need an opportunity of getting anywhere close to that thing or place you wanted (before it runs out/closes).

Yet, on the off chance that you like huge groups, revolving around for stopping, and remaining in line once in a while for quite a long time, at that point Austin may be ideal for you!


#4. The Allergens

texas allergens

After you move here, you will probably build up an entire cluster of sensitivities you were at no other time aware of.

As the seasons progress through, you will discover patterns of these sensitivities.

The words like “cedar fever” will make you anxious, and you’ll wind up stacking up on nearby remedies and masks, and getting normal shots, all in an endeavor to prepare yourself against whatever new damnation nature chooses to toss at you that week.


5. The Mosquitoes

texas mosquitoes

You may have visited Austin previously and been enchanted by all the enormous metropolitan bat fuss, or the number of purple martin apartment suite towers you could see, and taken that as a sign.

However these areas have a knack for bats which in their little ways help us fight against: the parasitic mosquito. Despite the fact they have rabies which is yet another reason to not move there.

In the warm, wet environment of Austin, with so many waters, the parasitic mosquito flourishes and succeeds.

To keep away from this affliction, the city of Austin’s site suggests wearing long apparel, covering yourself in nets at night when they strike, and simply not going outside at first light or sunset. By any means.


6. The Social Calendar

Austin Night Life


Presently it might sound great to live in where there is consistently a variety of similarly fascinating occasions all week long, particularly in a case where you’re moving from a country region with restricted amusements. Yet trust me, it gets bad.

Attempting to sort which party time or show does not cancel out your routines or schedule is fruitless, which leads to postponing things you need to do. It can be tedious.

Also feeling regretful cutting out an ideal opportunity to simply remain at home and watch Netflix with your family, when you could be where all the fun is a major thing.

They can be really distractive


7. The Personal Expectations


Whenever you’ve lived in Austin for a specific measure of time, it is not, at this point logical to still not indulge in their ways despite having yours.

You should begin doing your fair share as a nearby, and adding to the generally speaking out of control vibe that this town markets itself with so wildly.

Probably dress like an Instagram model’s rendition of an enthusiastic thrifter, go to an enormous number of wild occasions, and get an intriguing diversion.

Until you have, you’re not really an Austinite.  Be flexible and work around appreciating what Austin brings to the table for you to fit right in.


8. The Temptation to Overspend and Overeat


Austin is full of music, food and fun-loving individuals.

With such a life from the previous points and such a fantastic place for delicious meals, it tends to be difficult to not overspend and eat out each day.

This can be anything from grills, tacos, Frito pies, enchiladas, breaded and fried steaks, and that’s just the beginning.

It’s necessary to have discipline and adhere to your financial plan before moving to Austin. Including sticking to your dietary requirements as silly as it seems.


9. Restricted Public Transportation Options


Public transportation in Austin is restricted.  Unlike urban areas where a public metro or other train frameworks may exist, Austin is outfitted towards driving.

Your other alternative when you don’t like the limited options, is to purchase a vehicle; which a source of more rage due to the traffic in Austin.


10. Restricted Sports and Museum Entertainment


Austin is a sanctuary for music darlings, yet it falls behind regarding facilitating games and having an assortment of historical centers.

If you incline toward both of these sorts of interests, you may have to make a trip outside Austin to appreciate them.


Conclusion: 10 Reasons NOT to Move to Austin, Texas

Compared to other urban centers, it’s not great. Although, just like the rest of them, you’ll have figure out how to work around the downsides to augment the upsides of living in this city if you’re still planning to move there.


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